Special features

Different prices

If some areas of your parking are more desired than others you might want to ask a different price. ICU CAR sees what CAR is parked in those sections and calculate with a different rate. And this goes as well for extra broad or extra long parking places.

Data gathering

No system available on the market today can give you more information about parking habits than ICU CAR can.

ICU CAR keeps track of every individual car and whether its uses the extra features only ICU CAR can offer.

Fast traffic flow features

ICU CAR offers total guidance with multiple display's at strategic points in your parking and bicoloured lights in the aisle. Drivers can find the free places without delay.

Better flow, faster entrance
When a parking facility is partly occupied, the ICU CAR guidance features will spread the incoming cars out to the various possible options and create a far better and faster flow of incoming cars.

More cars can enter
When the occupation of your parking facility gets above 90% it starts getting critical. Most people hate this situation, and it can generate huge frustrations and irritations. Not the state of mind you want shoppers to have. You might consider to keep quite some space left open. But the best solution is to let ICU CAR guide the drivers to that last free spot. ICU CAR knows there is a free spot (and where!) the second somebody pulls out and will show the car, waiting to park, where that free space is.

A parking space that is not big enough, due to improper parking of the neighbour car(s) will be recognised by ICU CAR.

Easy exit

At the exit ICU CAR recognises all the cars that have paid. Nobody has to fuss with tickets at the exit barrier any more. Smooth exiting for you and that clumsy guy in front of you. Parking is now almost as much fun as driving. Due to the Easy Exit function you need less exits points, they could be used for entrance.


Less pollution
A better incoming and outgoing flow lowers the exhaust fumes and fine dust. And at the same time you can process more car's. That is a double profit.

I just parked and lost my ticket...
The ICU CAR system reads the license plates when a car enters, when it is parked and when it is leaving. It knows where each car is parked and for how long; it does not need a ticket for that. So if anyone claims he lost his ticket, the system knows the exact entrance time.

VIP treatment
We can automatically page your staff within one second to deliver extra assistance for VIP customers. We can send a page on entering the building, when one pays, when the car pulls out and when it exits. And the message that we page can contain the name of the driver/owner of the car and the location of the car.

This system is prepared to facilitated on line reservations. ICU CAR can recognize the car and guide the driver to his designated parking place.

You can offer all kind of member benefit programs. ICU CAR will recognize the car by it licence plate. The ICU CAR system doesn't rely on electronic tags, special sensors, transmitters, transponders, or cell phones. It only needs the car; and it works with every car.

A New View of Parking